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C2. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein

This product is the peptide compound that enzymolyzed and separated from the conchiolin protein of aquatic organism by the bio-engineering technology, shows outstanding anti-melanogenesis caused by the endothelin. In the middle of 1990’s, the dermal physiologist found that after the skins of human body irradiated by the ultra violet ray (UVB),the keratin cells would liberate out Endothelin. After the information of the Endothelin have been accepted by the receiptor on the membrane of the melanocyte, it stimulates for differentiation and proliferation of the melanocyte, and the activity of the tyrosinase, and causes amount of melanin increasing rapidly. Endothelin Antagonist can regulate the information network effect of Endothelin, and can inhibit the increase of melanin.
Product description

This product is the peptide compound that enzymolyzed and separated from the conchiolin protein of aquatic organism by the bio-engineering technology, shows outstanding anti-melanogenesis caused by the endothelin. In the middle of 1990’s, the dermal physiologist found that after the skins of human body irradiated by the ultra violet ray (UVB),the keratin cells would liberate out Endothelin. After the information of the Endothelin have been accepted by the receiptor on the membrane of the melanocyte, it stimulates for differentiation and proliferation of the melanocyte, and the activity of the tyrosinase, and causes amount of melanin increasing rapidly. Endothelin Antagonist can regulate the information network effect of Endothelin, and can inhibit the increase of melanin.


INCI NAME: Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein

CAS NO: 73049-73-7


Appearance:   pale yellow lyophilized mass

Nitrogen:  ≥10%

Solubility (H20):   soluble in water

Heavy metal (Pb):< 20ppm

Total bacteria (CFU/g):  < 100



Recommendatory volumes of usage 0.02- 0.10%


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