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T6. Palmitoylated Green Tea Extract(Oil soluble Tea Extrac)

Tea Polyphenols with its superior antioxidant and significant health effects have been widely accepted, but only soluble in water and cannot be dissolved in the oil material shortcomings make its application greatly reduced. Palmitoylated Tea Polyphenols, by use of patented technology, not only retains the original biological activity, but also makes it completely soluble in oil products, its oxidation resistance also greatly improved by 2-3 times compared to Tea Polyphenols.
Product description

Tea Polyphenols with its superior antioxidant and significant health effects have been widely accepted, but only soluble in water and cannot be dissolved in the oil material shortcomings make its application greatly reduced. Palmitoylated Tea Polyphenols, by use of patented technology, not only retains the original biological activity, but also makes it completely soluble in oil products, its oxidation resistance also greatly improved by 2-3 times compared to Tea Polyphenols.







With stronger antioxidant effect, oil soluble tea polyphenols can be widely applied in plant oils, fried food, a variety of meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, baking food, beverage, instant noodles etc.

 In pharmaceutical and cosmetics field, grease adding 150ppm oil soluble tea polyphenols can prolong the shelf life of 2-3 times.

 Recommended usage

0.02~0.015% in food field, 

0.1-0.2% in pharmaceutical field,

1.0~3.0% in cosmetics field, 


the dosage can be adjusted in accordance with the process of adding.  


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